I) Education:

I graduated (1969) from the Lycée Léonin (French high school) in Athens, Greece. I was further educated in Switzerland: I passed the Swiss National Examination for the admission to Swiss Universities (Fribourg) in April 1970. I studied at the University of Neuchâtel where I majored in Chemical Engineering (Diplôme d’ Ingénieur Chimiste) in June 1975. In February 1976, I was enrolled as a PhD student at the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the University of Zurich under the supervision of Professors Hans Schmid (deceased in 1977) and Manfred Hesse. I was awarded the PhD in Organic Chemistry in November 1979. Concurrently with my doctoral studies, I joined the Graduate Program of Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva (spring semester 1979). I was awarded the “Certificat de Chimie Analytique de l'Environement” (equivalent to Master Degree in Environmental Analytical Chemistry) in May 1980.

Languages: My mother tongue is Greek. I am fluent (writing and speaking) in English, French & German.

II) Post-doctoral activities:

March 1980 - May 1981 and May 1985 to September 1985: Research Associate and Guest Researcher at the Swiss Federal Institute for Water Resources and Water Pollution Control (EAWAG) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich).

June 1981 – July 1982 and January 1984 – May 1985: “Maître Assistant” (equivalent to Lecturer) and “Chargé des Cours et de Recherche” at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Geneva.

July 1982 - January 1984: Senior Research Associate at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University (CA, USA) (leave of absence from the University of Geneva after invitation from Stanford University).

III) Professional Experience:

i) Academic track:

April 1984: Elected Assistant Professor of Environmental Chemistry at the new Department of Chemistry of the University of Crete. I joined the University of Crete in January 1986.

1985-1989: Assistant Professor of Environmental Chemistry.

1989-1993: Associate (Tenured) Professor of Environmental Chemistry.

1993-2016Professor of Environmental Chemistry

1998-2016Initiator and Director of Post-Graduate Programmes“Environmental Sciences and Engineering” and “Environmental Protection Technologies”.

October 2015: Professor of Environmental Chemistry, The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus

November 2016Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete 

ii) Administrative activities at the University of Crete:

1989-1994: Chairman of Chemistry Department of the University of Crete.

1996-2002Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Crete.

1996-2016: Initiator and Director of the Environmental Chemical Processes Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, University of Crete.

1998-1999: Acting Chair, Department of Mathematics of the University of Crete.

1999-2003: Chair of the Technical Council of the University of Crete.

2011, September - 2015, August: Rector (President) of the University of Crete.

October - December 2012: Acting Chair, Department of Philology of the University of Crete.

iii) Appointments in other Higher Education and Research Institutions:

October 1988 - June 1989: Invited Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Geneva, Switzerland (Sabbatical leave).

June 1994 - February 1995: Guest Professor at the ETH Zurich, Switzerland (Sabbatical leave).

February 2009 – July 2009: Visiting Professor, Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Northeastern University, Boston, USA (Sabbatical leave).

October 2015-present: Vice President for Research at The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus.

IV) Services to the international Scientific Community:

A) Editor, 2009-2012: “Environmental Science and Pollution Research”, SPRINGER VERLAG.

B) Associate Editor 2002-2004: “Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association”.

C) Reviewer, and Scientific Evaluation Panel Member

Proposals: 1) European Commission; 2) National Science Foundation (NSF, USA); 3) Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation); 4) Research Promotion Foundation (Cyprus).

Scientific Journals: Environmental Science and Technology (ACS), Journal of Geophysical Research and Geophysical Research Letters (AGU), Geophysical Research Letters, Atmospheric Environment, Journal of Chromatography A, Marine Chemistry, Nature, Science, and others.

Scientific Panels: 1) Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Slovenia; 2) French Research Funding Agency ("Laboratories of excellence-LABEX"); 3) Academy of Sciences of Finland.

D) Member of Scientific Committees

European Commission and UNEP

V) Teaching and Graduate Student Advising:

Undergraduate Courses:

1) Environmental Chemistry, 2) Elucidation of Organic Molecules with spectroscopic Methods: NMR and MS.

Graduate Courses:

1) Environmental Organic Chemistry, 2) Environmental Analytical Chemistry: Chromatographic Techniques and Mass Spectrometry, 3) Chemistry of Disinfection of Drinking Water, 4) Applications of Mass Spectrometry in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Advising and mentoring:

  • Thirteen (13) PhD and sixty (63) MSc theses were awarded under my supervision at the Department of Chemistry, University of Crete, from 1986-2016.
  • External Referee and Examiner for PhD theses in Foreign Universities: Université Paris VI - P. & M. Curie (France), ETH Zurich, University of Melbourne (Australia), Lancaster University (UK); Masaryk University, Brno, Check Republic.
  • External Referee and Examiner for PhD theses in Greek Universities: University of Crete and Universities of Ioannina, Patras, Technical University of Crete and National Technical University of Athens.

VI) Research:

A) Research interests:

  • Biogeochemical Cycles of Legacy and Emerging Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs);
  • Study of Atmospheric Aerosols by Physicochemical, Chemical and Biochemical Methods;
  • Environmental Analytical Chemistry of Toxic Organic Compounds (DBPs, endocrine disruptors, POPs) in surface, ground and drinking water and Application of Mass Spectrometry
  • Human Exposure Studies of Emerging Toxic Organic Contaminants (Endocrine Disruptors).

B) Research & Bibliometrics:

I have authored and co-authored 121 (October 2016) articles (see below attached list of publications) in leading international scientific journals (e.g. Nature, Science, Environmental Science and Technology, Journal of Geophysical Research, Geophysical Research Letters, Journal of Chromatography A, Microbial Ecology, Environmental Health Perspectives, Cell Plant, Lancet etc.) that received more than 9.586 citations, h-index 47, i10-index 88 (See: I have also authored articles in refereed proceedings and 4 chapters in books (by invitation), and presented my research results in international conferences (see below attached list of publications).

I have been invited to present the research work of my group by different academic and research institutions such as Stanford University (CA, USA), Harvard University (USA), University of North Carolina (Chapelhill, USA), Université P. & M. Curie (Paris VI, France), University of Venice (Italy), University of Concepcion (Chile), Technical University Federico Santa Maria (Valparaiso, Chile), National Commission of the Environment of Chile (Santiago, Chile), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland), Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (EAWAG, Zurich, Switzerland), University of Bayreuth (Germany), Northeastern University, (Boston, USA), Michigan State University (East Lansing, USA), University of Kuwait, and Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.

C) Funding ID:

Grants, 1992-2016: 2.800.000 €

Selected competitive European and National research grants

  • "Atmospheric Input of Natural and Anthropogenic Organic Compounds to the Mediterranean", 170.000 €, from EU-SCIENCE Programme. Project Coordinator. (CSIC-CID, Barcelona, Spain and Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie Marine, Univ. P. & M. Curie, Paris, France). 1992-1994.
  • “Disinfection of drinking water and of treated domestic waste water by chlorine and chlorine dioxide”, 353.000 €, EU-AVICENNE programme, 1994-1996. ProjectCoordinator. (With TECHNION, Haifa, Israel, and General State Laboratory of Cyprus).
  • “Aerosol formation from biogenic organic carbon”, 100.000 € (for the Univ. of Crete), E.U. Environment and Climate Programme, 1996-1998.
  • “Monitoring and prediction of the atmospheric transport and deposition of desert dust in the Mediterranean region”, 134.640 € (for the Univ. of Crete), E.U. Environment and Climate Programme, 1996-1998.
  • “Global semi-volatile organic compounds (GLOBAL SOC)”, 130.000 € (for the Univ. of Crete), E.U. Environment and Climate Programme, 1998-2000.
  • “Environmental Analysis of Concrete Admixtures (ANACAD)”, 110.000 € (for the Univ. of Crete), E.U. Environment and Climate Programme, 1997-1999.
  • “Organic Aerosol Formation” (OSOA), 70.000 € (for the Univ. of Crete), E.U. Environment and Climate Programme, 2000-2002.
  • “Marine Aerosol Production (MAP)” E.U., Environment and Climate Programme, 2005-2008, 140.000 € (for the Univ. of Crete).
  • “Health Impacts of Long-term Exposure to Disinfection By-products in Drinking Water”, EU 2007-2010, 280.000 €.
  • “European Study of Cohorts for Air Pollution Effects” (ESCAPE), EU 2008-2012, 150.000 €.
  • “Genomics Biomarkers of Environmental Health” (ENVIROGENOMARKERS), EU 2009-2013, 250.000 €.
  • “ARISTEIA” (Excellence) Ministry of Education grant (2012-2015), approved: 200.000 €

Selected competitive graduate education grants

  • "Education of young chemists with modern analytical instruments", 67.200 €, from the EU Social Found, 1992-1993.
  • “Environmental Science and Engineering-Post Graduate Studies Programme”, 600.000 €, Ministry of Education and European Commission, 1998-2006.

VII) Awards and Honours:

“Hans Schmid Award” 1979 -1980 for postdoctoral research.

“Ecopolis Price 2006” for Scientific Achievement in Environmental Science.

"First Prize of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology for the best original paper in epidemiology published in 2014": “Air pollution during pregnancy and childhood cognitive and psychomotor development: Six European birth cohorts”, Epidemiology  25 (5), pp. 636-647, 2014.

Member of the European Research Council (ERC) Panel for the “Sciences of the Earth”, 2007-2015.

Member of the European Research Council (ERC) Panel“ERC Synergy Grant” (ERC-2019-SyG), 2018-2019.